• President Obama Is Not in the Business of Business

    David Axelrod may not be worried about the fallout from President Obama's "You didn't build that" remark because he's a whiny government bureaucrat who doesn't know anything about starting a business, but he should be. Even before Obama spoke those fatefully out of context words on several news channels, the golden gods of these United States, makers of heaven and earth, our compassionate overlords (business owners) had given him a mere 35% approval rating.

    Meanwhile, Romney gleefully cries, "It's working! It's really working!" into the bathroom mirror as he dries the water off his white-collar hands. We can all assume he does this without straining our imaginations, can't we? Romney may be the fairest taxer in Businessland, but if he isn't careful this message could come back and bite him in the poll.

    For instance, in Tampa this last Wednesday two local business owners, Rebecca Smith and Lou Ramos, held a news conference to speak out against the President's comments and for Mitt Romney. One of them, construction company owner Rebecca Smith, scoffed at the very idea

    "None at all," Ramos said, when asked what role government have fed into their success.

    "I was asked the other day on whether I feel if government doesn't support small business," Smith said. "And I think the answer is resounding. Not only does (Obama) seem not to understand business, and he doesn't seem to want to accord the business leadership with the credit of making the choice to lead and risk in starting a business, I would go one step further and say that our president seems to oppose the success of small business."

    That's way harsh, Rebecca. I'm sure there are no contradictions in your business model that make you look like a hypocrite…

    The A.D. Morgan Corporation employs 50 people and has annual revenues of about $80 million, according to its website. The company lists more than 130 projects and developments. Impressive, no doubt. But the list is nearly all government projects.

    As for Ramos, his company's Facebook page describes Value Enterprise Solutions as "providing value added service/education to businesses, local government, federal government, Department of Defense, and industry contract organizations."

    When asked about this discrepancy, Smith said, "We're all government." Hmmm. If corporations are people and we're all government, then government is people too. EVERYTHING IS PEOPLE! Does anyone understand what words mean anymore? I'm tapped out.

    The bottom line is that the customer is always right, so if the government is your customer you'd better be very careful or President Obama is going to write you a really scathing Yelp review.

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