• Mitt Romney Seen as Slightly More "Honest and Trustworthy" Than Obama

    According to a new poll from The Hill, Mitt Romney appears to be ingratiating himself into the hearts of the American people

    It found 48 percent of voters consider Romney the stronger leader, compared to 44 percent who favored Obama. Similarly, 47 percent of likely voters also said Romney most shares their values while 44 percent picked Obama.

    This is a little shocking if only because 47 percent is a kind of low number for this. It should be much higher, in my estimation. Closer to 97 or 98 percent, really. I mean, sure, there are probably people out there who place a high value on things like being able to juggle chainsaws and segregating the country by toe length. As far as I know, and I may be wrong, Mitt Romney has never claimed to hold such values. But, besides that, I think he's got the bases covered.

    Which is why this factoid is even more puzzling…

    When asked which candidate voters considered more honest and trustworthy, 46 percent said Romney and 44 percent said Obama — a result within the poll’s 3 percentage point margin of error.

    How bad of a job is the Obama campaign doing at selling their candidate if they're losing "honest and trustworthy" to the guy who changes his opinion with the room temperature?

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