• Mitt Romney Is the #2 Cause of Domestic Violence

    Mitt RomneyFacebook is good for two things: provoking family members who don't share your political opinions and trolling for OPP (other potential presidents)

    Suspicious that his live-in girlfriend was planning an affair, a Tennessee man confronted the woman after spotting a photo of an unknown guy on her Facebook page, according to a police report.

    As it turned out, the woman was looking at a picture of Mitt Romney. Her boyfriend was apparently not satisfied with the explanation, though, which I can relate to because I'm not satisfied that anyone doesn't know what Mitt Romney looks like at this point. After a tussle for the laptop, the police were called, and the man was charged with domestic abuse. Maybe they'll teach him about Mitt Romney in jail.

    While there's never an excuse for domestic violence, you can't blame women for wanting to vote Romney. Those silver sideburns and carefully dyed coif, that come-hither blank stare, the skin tanned by more vacation hours than most of us will see in a lifetime… No doubt about it, Mitt Romney is a handsome man. He might be bad for women, but he'll look good doing it.

    Some women like the bad boy. The kind of hot-blooded man who gets jealous of another city's Olympics preparedness and then takes it out on the Palestinians. Some people say he's no good, but they just don't know the real him. When it's just you and him, he's almost like an actual human being. Who cares if he's the #2 cause of domestic violence among men who have no idea what's been going on in politics for the past twenty years?

    At least he has nothing to do with the #1 cause, which is probably mandated healthcare from that Obama.

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