• Romney's Plan Would Raise Taxes for Everyone (Except Millionaires)

    Mitt Romney tax returnsI'm so tired of liberals complaining that Mitt Romney an elitist who only has the interests of the top 1% in mind. According to this new study, he has the interests of the top 5% in mind. How is that elitist? I mean, have you seen the state of some of those people's yachts?

    Mitt Romney’s plan to overhaul the tax code would produce cuts for the richest 5 percent of Americans — and bigger bills for everybody else, according to an independent analysis set for release Wednesday.

    The study was conducted by researchers at the Brookings Institution and the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, who seem to bend over backward to be fair to the Republican presidential candidate.

    First of all, "independent analysis"? "Researchers"? "Nonpartisan Tax Policy Center"? Alright, comrade. You expect me to swallow this Leninist-lime flavored kool-aid? I don't think so.

    Just look at how those academic eggheads try to mesmerize us with their precious numbers and calculations…

    Even if tax breaks "are eliminated in a way designed to make the resulting tax system as progressive as possible, there would still be a shift in the tax burden of roughly $86 billion [a year] from those making over $200,000 to those making less" than that.

    What would that mean for the average tax bill? Millionaires would get an $87,000 tax cut, the study says. But for 95 percent of the population, taxes would go up by about 1.2 percent, an average of $500 a year.

    I knew it was a mistake for Mitt Romney to release his tax plan. His plan for how he's going to tax the rest of the country is a private matter, and none of us have any right to force him to make it public.

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