• Mitt Romney's Twemesis: @RobDelaney

    He loves America. He has great hair. He doesn't drink. He stands on a stage and talks to people. He only has one wife. He owns a fancy horse. He is a business man and his business is laughter and business is good my friends. He is Rob Delaney.

    Bloomberg Businessweek recently outed Delaney as Romney's Twitter nemesis, or "Twemesis" if you have a thing against two words existing separately. What that means is Delaney likes to poke fun at the very pokable Republican candidate on Twitter, which is easy because 1. He's Romney. 2. He's pretty bad at it.

    That, along with literally everything else is what makes Romney such good comedic cannon fodder…

    "Romney fascinates me endlessly," Delaney said before his show at a Montreal comedy festival last week. "He’s such an attractive target comedically because more than any other candidate in my lifetime, he just wants to be president. That’s it! He longs for it. Feels it’s his birthright. I can imagine him getting elected and just saying, 'Well, that’s that then!' and staring out a window."

    What started out as a way to make people laugh…

    …has resulted in Delaney's tweets about Romney being more popular than Romney's actual tweets 44% the time, proving the internet is a strange and beautiful place where out-of-touch politicians should fear to tread.

    To be fair, Delaney only has about 250,000 less followers than Romney's 760K, so those numbers are more of a representation of how popular Delaney is and less how unpopular Romney–yeah, that doesn't make it any better. Sorry, Romney and his social media team. Look at it this way, at least he's not putting words in your mouth…

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