• MoveOn Ad Features Rafalca Impersonator (or Imhorseator Maybe)

    While Rafalca — the most-personable and least-embarrassing member of the Romney family — was busy doing America proud in Europe today, MoveOn.org released this web ad, featuring the world-famous dressage horse…

    Okay, so, I have a number of questions concerning this ad…

    First of all, that's not the real Rafalca, is it? Because I think that would be a stunning betrayal, and far too classless an act for the Rafalca I've come to know.

    Also, how exactly is the amount of money that the Romney's spend on their Olympic-competing horse relevant? Am I supposed to get angry because multi-millionaires Mitt and Ann Romney have bunch of money to spend on something that they care about? I kinda knew that going in; that's sort of the definition of "multi-millionaire," isn't it? If the point is that I'm supposed to get mad at the Romneys for being rich, shouldn't I also get mad at Barack Obama for being rich?

    Finally — and this is the biggest question — how did they get that horse to remember all its lines. And don't tell me that it's reading off a teleprompter, because I'm not so stupid as to believe that horses can read.

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