• Fox News: Why Does Gabby Douglas Hate America?

    Hearing of Marco Rubio's Olympic Tax Elimination Act, Gabby Douglas responded with a gold medal performance in the all-around gymnastics competition. A brilliant floor routine may have been the reason why "The Flying Squirrel" was able to finish atop the podium, but who knows how she would have done were it not for Senator Rubio's proposed tax incentivization of our gold medal creators. She should show some gratitude to her country!

    In a segment on Fox News' "America Live," guest host Alisyn Camerota and guest commentator, satellite radio host David Webb, agreed: Gabby Douglas's pink — nearly commie red — leotard did not do justice to the U.S. of A

    "…some folks have noticed that American athletes' uniforms don't carry the Stars and Stripes look as much as they had in past years. The famous flag-style outfits worn in years past replaced with yellow shirts, gray tracksuits, pink leotards. So how do we show our patriotism at the games?"

    How do we show our patriotism at events in which gold medal-winning athletes listen to "The Star-Spangled Banner" as an American flag is hoisted up above their American flag-embroidered uniforms?  Webb thought the problem is more general, extending even to our sacred ballparks…

    "We've also lost over time that jingoistic feeling. You know, the National Anthem, we sing it at baseball games. I think the National Anthem should be followed with, 'Play ball.' It's kind of an American thing. We've lost a little of that, you know, saying The Pledge of Allegiance. And I think that plays over into some of this soft acceptance. You know what? Red, white and blue — wear it. Wave it. Be proud to be an American. It's not a political issue. But they make it a social issue."

    At least another ginned up uniform controversy is a step up from asking for her birth certificate.

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