• John Sununu Fights Baseless Allegation with Baseless Allegation

    Harry Reid's accusations about Mitt Romney's taxes — based upon the words of supposedly anonymous sources — are weird and a little gross. And since a team of Romney scientists was unable to come up with any way to somehow refute these claims, they were forced into getting their surrogates to go on television and call Reid names.

    The problem with this, however, is that… well, nobody gives a shit about Harry Reid. And people who nobody cares about don't make very good monsters with the public at large, no matter how much a group may try to push them as such. (See also: George Soros, Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky and almost anybody ever mentioned by Newt Gingrich.)

    Not to worry! Republican guru John Sununu has a solution! And it doesn't undermine the basic premise of the GOP argument in the slightest

    "Look, Harry Reid is a bumbling Senate leader," the former New Hampshire governor said Monday on Fox News. "He hasn't been able to pass a budget, he hasn't been able to do anything about entitlement reform, he's done nothing worthwhile except the bidding of the Obama administration. They have pointed out that Harry is lying, and the public is beginning to understand that Harry is lying."

    "It's not Harry Reid, it's President Obama and the Obama campaign doing what they always do," he said. "The Obama campaign and President Obama are the ones that are behind this dishonesty and misrepresentation because they are trying to hide the failure of this abysmal presidency that we have had in office the last four years."

    We think it's wrong wrong wrong to claim a bunch of awful things about the opposing presidential candidate without offering any semblance of proof to back up your claims! Oh, and we think the opposing presidential candidate is behind these attacks.

    Why? No reason. Just a hunch.

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