• 'Romney Hood' and 'Obamaloney' Are Both Definitely Going to Catch On

    The economy added 163,000 in July, a figure that surprised many who expected a lower number. Where did those jobs come from? I have a theory. The Obama and Romney campaigns recruited every single out-of-work popsicle stick joke writer. How else do you explain this new line from Obama's stump speech yesterday

    "He'd ask the middle class to pay more taxes so he could give another $250,000 tax cut to people making more than three million dollars a year. It's like Robin Hood in reverse. It's Romney Hood."

    I just want to point out, someone wrote that and thought, "Of course! Romney Hood! That is a thing that should come out of the President's face!" And that person gets paid more than you. And they also had sex with your significant other probably.

    Obviously Mitt Romney had to respond, so he woke up his staff of enslaved six year-olds and promised to feed whichever one came up with the best pun…

    "We've been watching the President say a lot of things about me and my policies. And they're just not right. If I were to coin a term, it'd be Obamaloney. He's serving up a dish that is in contradiction to the truth."

    Dear Mitt Romney, if you really like firing people, please fire whoever wrote "Obamaloney."

    It's not even fall and they've already clearly run out of names to call each other. By September, they're going to give up and start calling each other "Shit Romney," and "Barack O-dumbass."

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