• Your Guide to Food-Based Civic Engagement

    Once, some cultural observers thought America had reached the pinnacle of its greatness, a prosperous and virtuous republic turned into a dissolute empire destined only for slow-motion collapse. Then, we decided that eating a spicy chicken sandwich could be an expression of political engagement and thereby learned that American exceptionalism had some life in it.

    Not to be outdone by the legions of Americans who stuffed their faces with Chick-fil-A in an effort to oppose equal rights for gay people, organizers of  National Marriage Equality Day – originally known as National Starbucks Appreciation Day — have called for pro-equality to consumers to spend their money at businesses sympathetic to gay rights.

    Perhaps it's a misuse of resources to encourage people to go give money to large corporations instead of donating directly to civil rights organizations or a political campaign, but what is more American than eating some highly processed junk food and calling it a political statement? With that in mind, here's your guide —  not endorsed by any of these firms! –  to fast food-based civic engagement…

    The Cause The Fast Food Chain
    Polygamy/polyandry/polyamory Five Guys
    Increased investment in United Nations relief efforts IHOP
    A European Union fiscal union and monetary easing by the European Central Bank Any Greek diner
    Support for the stalled Law of the Sea Treaty Long John Silver's
    Support for natural birth control In-N-Out Burger
    Mass transit investment Subway
    Single-Payer Healthcare Tim Hortons

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