• The Best/Worst YouTube Comments from Hillary Clinton's Dancing Video

    The video of Hillary Clinton dancing in South Africa is the political equivalent of videos of kittens playing in boxes. It's a little silly, a little funny, but ultimately harmless and pleasant.

    See? It's like watching your incredibly accomplished mom take a break from making sure no one hates America more than usual, throwing on her favorite vaguely ethnic blue shirt and having a blast. I couldn't see how anyone could object to it, but then I saw the YouTube comments…

    To be fair, Mao Tse-tung already kind of looks like Mao Tse-tung in drag. Every picture of him looks like my grandma but with a slightly bigger bald spot.

    The only war Hillary Clinton has ever started is the war on giving a fuck.

    That doesn't sound like an insult. It sounds like something a Jamaican person would say to compliment how good you are at dancing.

    Hillary Clinton dancing YouTube

    Grow up? She is definitely acting like a sixty-something in this video. If anyone in your family has ever gotten married, you know what I mean.

    Hillary Clinton dancing YouTube

    Is there such a thing as a Teleprompter for dancing?? If so, we might finally know why Bristol Palin lasted so long on Dancing with the Stars.

    Hillary Clinton dancing YouTube

    Who even knows what this raving lunatic means.


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