• Nancy Pelosi Sees Ghosts in the White House, Doesn't Call the Ghostbusters

    Speaking in front of the Women's Political Committee,  Nancy Pelosi — House Minority Leader and Bizarro Michele Bachmann — claimed she saw the spirits of Suffragette icons in the White House materialize before her and heard them say, "At last we have a seat at the table."

    Susan B. Anthony must be rolling over in her plain, matronly, yet sensibly and sturdily built coffin. Here's video of the incident…


    Oh my God. That must have been terrifying… for the ghosts! BOOM!

    What do White House ghosts do to scare each other at night? Tell Nancy Pelosi stories! BAZZZIIIIING! SOCK IT TO ME!

    Democrats can spend all day laughing at the crazies in the Republican party (and they should, because it's fun), but they have to recognize the crazy in their own party. The only thing that separates Herman Cain from Harry Reid is that Herman Cain has charm and Harry Reid has power.

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