• Romney Ad Outsources Footage of Ohio to Oklahoma

    Last week Mitt Romney released an ad featuring a man telling a story of how General Motors ended his line of credit and shut down his dealership following the 2009 restructuring of the auto industry.

    Beyond the irony of Romney campaigning against the shutdown of dealerships after writing an op-ed headlined "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt," there's one more problem with the commercial…

    According to the 30-second "Dream" ad, President Barack Obama's bailout of GM forced dealerships in Ohio to close.

    But video shown about six seconds into the ad shows Downtown Oklahoma City, not Lyndhurst, Ohio as the ad implies.

    The video shows Advanced Academics, located at 1 East Sheridan Ave., as well as a mural of an Oklahoma Redbud tree and Bricktown banners hanging from the light posts.

    It's not the first time the Romney campaign has had trouble with auto-centric ads. During the primary, a commercial showed Romney cruising the streets of Detroit in a Chrysler manufactured in Canada, proving that it's always wise to check the birth certificate of goods used in jingoistic ads.

    Nor is this a unique foul-up in the world of stock footage. Earlier this year, the Republican Party used images of Asian children in a site aimed at Hispanic-Americans.

    So perhaps this is all part of an effort to demonstrate the advantages of outsourcing and free trade. Maybe Canada makes a better "American" car than America. Maybe Oklahoma City is more efficient at being Lyndhurst, Ohio than Lyndhurst, Ohio. Or maybe the Buckeye trees are just the wrong height.

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