• Barack Obama Now Bribing Voters with Beer

    Not making much headway with grassroots organizing and television ads, Barack Obama has moved on to straight-up bribing American voters. First, it was the great ice cream giveaway in New Hampshire. Now comes the Iowa Fair¬†beer buyoff…

    Obama spent roughly an hour at the fair, making his way past various stands, including Ginnie Smith's Gourmet Mini Cinnamon Rolls, where he declined to try the baked goods. "I'm saving my space for pork chop on a stick," the president was heard saying.

    Later, he also passed on a smoothie, reportedly saying the healthy drink "sounds OK, but a beer sounds better."

    When he made it to the beer stand, Obama pronounced "Bud Lights all around on me," to cheers and laughter from the crowd.

    After checking his wallet, he offered to buy 10 beers for 10 people and chants of "Four More Years" quickly morphed into a chorus of "Four More Beers."

    At least the affinity for beer and pork on a stick gives lie to claims that the president is a closet Muslim, though it doesn't obviate the possibility that he's a rain god. Yet there's something amiss about the way ABC News transcribed this story. According to the pool report, President Obama said, "I'll tell you what, except for Romney sign, I'll buy beers for ten people."

    Meaning, no matter how much ABC tries to cover this up, he's going to have to reconcile with this offended Romney voter in a White House beer summit.

    Unfortunately for his campaign, the president has been peddling these bribes in all the wrong order. If he had led with free ice cream and beer, universally-diabetic Americans would have been way more receptive when he offered them universal healthcare.

    Photo by Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

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