• Barack Obama Holds Big Lead Among People Who Won't Vote

    As far as the Democratic and Republican coalitions are concerned, Republicans have some built-in demographic advantages. Non-Hispanic whites, the wealthy and senior citizens — all  groups with levels of political participation higher than that of the typical American – have trended toward the GOP in recent contests. Add in NASCAR Dads and Soccer-Security-Southern-Waitress-Church Moms and you have a potent electoral force.

    Luckily for Democrats, Barack Obama has a secret weapon: the Unlikely Voter American

    A nationwide USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll of people who are eligible to vote but aren't likely to do so finds that these stay-at-home Americans back Obama's re-election over Republican Mitt Romney by more than 2-1. Two-thirds of them say they are registered to vote. Eight in 10 say the government plays an important role in their lives.

    Even so, they cite a range of reasons for declaring they won't vote or saying the odds are no better than 50-50 that they will: They're too busy. They aren't excited about either candidate. Their vote doesn't really matter. And nothing ever gets done, anyway.

    Two-thirds of these  unlikely voters say they voted four years ago, backing Obama by more than 2-1 over Republican John McCain, but are planning to sit this election out.

    It does make sense. Obama was the president who most supported fixing the problem of underwater mortgages that have forced millions of Americans into foreclosure without actually fixing the problem. He was also the president who called for measures to reduce unemployment without appointing Federal Reserve members who could reduce unemployment. Now he's huge among eligible voters who support him but aren't going to do anything about it.

    Between these polls and court decisions affirming voter ID laws that will ensure unlikely voters remain unlikely, the second term is going to great. He's going to be the best president who isn't actually president, ever.

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