• Barack Obama Not Replacing Joe Biden Despite Never Saying He Might

    I don't know if you've noticed, but there's been a lot of concern in Republican circles about the damage that Joe Biden might possibly be doing to the Democratic ticket. These conservatives seem to be genuinely concerned that the Vice President's non-stop stream of easily exploitable gaffes might take down Obama's chances at a second term.

    Like when Sarah Palin said that "the strategists there in the Obama campaign have got to look at a diplomatic way of replacing Joe Biden on the ticket with Hillary." Or when John McCain stated that such a hard decision "might be wise." Or when the Weekly Standard looked at the President's schedule and noted that he would be meeting with both his Vice President and his Secretary of State in the same day and put two and two together news organization worth its salt would do.

    Finally, fed up with the White House's infuriating silence in the face of all this rampant speculation and non-disingenuous concern, Fox News' Ed Henry did what had to be done and asked Jay Carney to please settle the matter. Again. Like the White House has done at least a dozen times in the past. Once and for all!

    "Let's just settle it, once and for all. All this speculation. This is the ticket: Obama/Biden," asked Fox News Channel’s White House correspondent Ed Henry.

    Carney paused before answering through muted laugher, "I think…"

    "That's a yes or no," interjected Henry. [Ed note: It's nice to see Henry holding Carney's feet to the fire on this.]

    "Yes," replied Carney. "And that was settled a long, long time ago."

    Well, I'm glad that's settled. Though, it does make me wonder. Do you think Barack Obama might be replacing Joe Biden as VP?

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