• Barack Obama Surpasses Justin Bieber in Klout

    In the olden days, P.R. reps, marketing managers and other borderline unemployable "brand managers"  had to determine whether or not you were influential to their line of business based on whether they have heard of you. It was awful.

    Along came Klout, an Internet startup that assigns people a score based on their online influence, calculated by Tumbling your Pinterest to your LinkedIn from your OKCupid (admittedly, I am a little hazy on how it works). The algorithm had the effect of inflating the scores of celebrities with large social media followings, until earlier this week, when Klout updated its system to include data about the subjects' Wikipedia pages and the title they list for themselves on LinkedIn…

    As a result, previous Klout king Justin Bieber has seen his rating drop from 100 to 91, while Barack Obama's score jumped from 94 to 99. (Does Obama's job description on LinkedIn say "President?") Mitt Romney gets a 90, despite having far fewer Twitter followers who are not bots.

    No surprise that the president and Bieber receive similar scores. Both are popular with youths who aren't going to vote in the upcoming election, and according to some, both are foreign born agents of socialist states.

    Nevertheless, this relative drop in ratings is sure to cause consternation among Beliebers. We may have to close middle schools for a day of mourning.

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