• Rolling Across the Aisle Laughing (RAAL!)

    Remember when Republicans and Democrats used to have a sense of humor about working towards a greater good, even if they disagreed on how to get there? Neither do we, these pictures notwithstanding…

    If there's anything the left and right have in common anymore, it's that they both love to laugh at the other's expense. This is especially true on Twitter, the ultimate cesspool of silly, biting and sometimes crass one-liners. Here at Indecision, our hope is to get everyone to laugh at themselves a little more, or at least to laugh at everyone equally. With that in mind, we're going to do a weekly democratic tweet-off between liberal and conservative jokesters. Be objective. Consider the issues. Then vote in the comments section. Next Friday we'll let you know who won.

    Reach your funny bone across the aisle and get ready to RAAL!

    Week 1:



    Photos by David Ake/AFP/Getty Images and Boston Globe/Getty Images

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