• Mitt Romney Goes on Wild Caffeine Bender

    Is there a Mormon version of Rumspringa, where Church of LDS members get to loosen their collars, drop their frighteningly good cheer, stop smiling awkwardly and have a drink of something stronger than seltzer? Because Mitt Romney could use something like that.

    Typically, Romney's position on caffeine is the same as his view on releasing tax returns: He'll have none of it. But this Pulitzer-worthy reporting reveals a whole new side of Romney…

    The Republican presidential candidate ordered coffee ice cream at Millie's restaurant in Nantucket Saturday when he bought treats for his staff and mingled with diners. His aides selected flavors including vanilla, rocky road, butter pecan and birthday cake ice cream.

    Romney's gone wild!

    It's not clear that Romney took more than a bite or two as he shook hands and posed for pictures in the crowded and buzzing vacation eatery.

    Okay, "wild" by the standards of Romney. At least this incident confirms Jon Stewart's observation, "If he were a color, he'd be beige. If he were an ice cream flavor, he'd be beige."

    Still, I'd rather have a cup of coffee with Romney than a beer with Barack Obama. Obama has to down a pint at a "beer summit" every time he offends some hyper-sensitive constituency. You'd rather have a beer with him then a coffee with a tightly-wound overachiever whose system has not been exposed to more than a trace quantity of caffeine? No, I want to be entertained.

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