• Todd Akin "Misspoke"

    You guys know that thing with Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin that everyone's talking about? Well, you're not gonna believe this, but it's all just one big misunderstanding. I mean, yes, he said the stuff that people are saying that he said. But he didn't mean to. Or, at least, he didn't want people to get mad about it. Here look

    Akin said in an emailed statement later Sunday that he "misspoke" during the interview, though the statement did not specify which points or comments.

    He misspoke. Oops! You know, like one of those times when you mean to say something and the words get all burbled in your mouth and you end up saying something that sounds silly.

    Like, when he said, "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that down," what he probably meant to say was "I have a terrible understanding of biology and how the human body works, and you should ignore every word that comes out of my face when I talk about this issue." But the words got all mixed up! Aaaahhhhh!!! Confusion! Stupid mouth always causing problems.

    Hahahaha. Anyway, I'm glad to see that this misunderstanding is behind us and we can all go back to systemically dismantling fifty years of civil progress.

    Photo by Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call Group/Getty Images

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