• GOP Marriage Platform Plank Exactly What You'd Expect

    The Republican party platform committee — tasked with reconciling the views of party activists with Mitt Romney's desire to agree with 100% of what 100% of the people believe 100% of the time — is currently meeting in Tampa ahead of next week's GOP Convention to draft a list of party principles and positions.

    The language on marriage — written by none other than the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins — defends the "traditional concept of marriage," which means guys had better hold out for at least 10 goats and a small duchy before agreeing to anything. Though, I'm going to wait until someone throws a camel into the mix to keep it super-traditional.

    The draft also states, "We oppose the Administration's open defiance of this principle [of separation of powers] — in its handling of immigration cases, in federal personnel benefits, in allowing a same-sex marriage at a military base, and in refusing to defend DOMA in the courts." It's not clear if reading that backwards produces a plan for creating jobs, but if you anagram the language to read, "gay bridal registry," you do get a formula for the most effective form of economic stimulus ever proposed.

    The tough-sounding measure did not pass without dissent. This morning, Rhode Island delegate Barbara Fenton proposed an amendment that would have expressed formal support for same-sex civil unions.

    The proposal died in a voice vote, meaning the Republican Party will continue to formally oppose anything other than marriage between one man and a series of women who will settle for him.

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