• Mitt Romney Has Lapped Barack Obama in Fundraising

    Mitt RommneyBelieve it or not, the super rich guy who wants to wipe away millionaires' tax obligations is out-fundraising the only moderately rich guy who wants to make sure people pay taxes on their private jets. And by quite a bit

    Mitt Romney’s cash advantage over President Obama and the Democrats more than doubled in July, as intense Republican fund-raising and heavy spending by Mr. Obama and his allies left Mr. Romney and the Republican National Committee with $62 million more in the bank than the Democrats at the end of last month…

    Mr. Romney’s extraordinary two-month run raising money — his team has pulled in more than $200 million in June and July — makes it virtually certain that Mr. Obama will not leave the Democratic convention next month with the cash advantage he had four years ago, when he heavily outspent the Republican candidate, John McCain, on his way to victory in November.

    Oh my God! I think I've figured out Romney's plan. I know how he's going to pull this off. It doesn't matter who wins in November. He's going to buy up the American debt and outsource all of us to a small island in the Caribbean where he is president!

    It's so simple, how did I not see this before?!

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