• Conservative Books Outselling Liberal Literature

    According to stereotype, liberals are America's more bookish political tribe, with their Comparative Queer Literature degrees from Oberlin, MFAs from the Iowa Writer's Workshop and work-study fellowships from the Foundation of I'm Just Trying to Find Myself While My Orthodontist Dad Pays the Bills.

    Yet according to a new interactive map from Amazon, which shows recent book sales broken down by "red" and "blue" political leanings, books with Republican-leaning messages have been outselling liberal agitprop by a healthy margin. Amazon classifies the books as "red," "blue" or "neutral" depending on the political leanings evident in promotional material and customer classification. Shipping addresses are then used to create the heat map, calculated with the last 30 days of sales data.

    The book list goes beyond the dross written by political pundits to include general interest nonfiction; Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion, for example, rates as a liberal book. This  may explain the relative success of right-wing books: Perhaps Amazon classified Fifty Shades of Grey as a conservative  tome, based on its titular description of the Republican Party.

    As for Paul Ryan's favorite work, Atlas Shrugged occupies the number 4 and number 12 spots on the conservative best selling list.  So Fifty Shades or not, we know a lot of righty sales success is based on sadomasochism.

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