• Michelle Obama's Kale Agenda

    In the United States, it takes a village to raise a child off the couch. That's why Michelle Obama started the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge, which challenged kids to redistribute healthy ingredients into socialist recipes that undermine the freedom of fast food establishments all over this great land o' plenty.

    The winners of the challenge were then honored by being invited to the White House for a lunch of cabbage, zucchini and kale. As if that wasn't enough to make them lifelong Republicans, they then received a surprise appearance and admonishment from President Obama

    The president told the group not to spill anything on the floor.

    "I only have one request for you, and that is try not to drop any scraps on the floor, because Bo is on a diet right now, and he will eat anything that he sees, especially some of the tasty meals that you guys have prepared," Obama said.

    A dog that would eat kale chips? Not in my America. So how did the kids like their health food with a side of "Don't mess up my carpet"? When asked what his favorite thing to eat was, winner Michael Lakind of Texas quickly responded, "steak."

    Oh, well. You can't blame the Obamas for trying.

    Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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