• Nudist Lobby Bares Support for Skinny-Dipping Congressman

    Rather than capping off their Birthright experience with awkward sexual advances like good Jewish teens, Republican congressmen on a fact-finding trip to Israel tea-bagged the Sea of Galilee, finding the fact that this will get them reprimanded by Republican leaders and ridiculed by the media. Rep. Kevin Yoder received the most criticism for his decision to baptize his balls in the lake.

    As it turns out, the subsequent FBI probe of the junket wasn't due to skinny dipping, but related to the investigation of another congressman for failure to properly file paperwork disclosing another foreign trip, explaining why no one interviewed Yoder's bare staff.

    Now, the American Association for Nude Recreation, a group "serving more than 52 million individuals who enjoy skinny-dipping and clothing optional recreation throughout North America" also known as "nakationing," has come to Yoder's defense.

    According to an AANR press release[pdf]/answer to the question of "What do Herman Melville and George W. Bush have in common?," Yoder joins the illustrious ranks of John Quincy Adams, Teddy Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Benjamin Franklin, Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, Norman Rockwell and the aforementioned Bush and Melville in letting their Moby Dicks soak in the cool evening water…

    Fact: in a 2006 Roper poll, it showed that 25% of adult Americans have skinny dipped in mixed company. Worldwide, topless and nude sunbathing is one of the fastest growing vacation choices. Did you know all beaches in Spain are legally topless, and many are nude.

    Fact: Congressman Yoder's mistake was picking a spot to go skinny-dipping that is illegal under Israeli law. Alternatively, he should have gone to Tel-Baruch beach north of Tel-Aviv, which has a long history of topless and nude sunbathing. Then instead of being in hot water, he'd have been in refreshing nudist waters.

    But would it have been holy nudist waters?

    Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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