• Romney Campaign Shuts Down Questions About Todd Akin, Abortion

    Mitt RomneyIf you work for a local news organization and you wanna talk to Mitt Romney, you'd better stick to important relevant topics. Important and relevant to Mitt Romney's poll numbers

    Boyd told TPM that the Romney campaign offered her station an interview with Romney, one of several local news hits in swing states that Romney conducted via satellite Thursday. A campaign staffer whose name she didn't divulge told her what questions she wasn't allowed to ask.

    "They said, you know, 'the only stipulation is we don't want you talking about the Akin issue,'" Boyd recalled. She also said the Romney staffer told her the campaign didn't want questions for Romney about 'the whole abortion controversy.'"…

    "I said to them, 'Look everybody's talking about this. It's going to seem awkward if I don't ask about it,'" she said. "And they said, 'Well he's said all he's going to say about it. He doesn't have anything more to say, you won't be getting any new information so we don't want to talk about that.'"

    I'm of two minds on this.

    One of my minds says, "What are you kidding me? How are you going to go around asking for opportunities to promote your face on local news shows and then dictate the questions that get asked?" And that mind is not wrong. Not wrong at all. Though, that mind still kind of clings to the outdated idea of integrity in national politics. That mind hasn't been beaten down and made to view this whole electoral process as a clown show in which, at the end, everybody in the audience is beaten unconscious with rubber hoses. That mind is kind of an idealist.

    Now, my other mind is just happy that Romney is actually allowing someone to talk about him. That's incredibly magnanimous of him! Way to go!

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