• Marco Rubio Might Be Replaced with Ann Romney at RNC

    Marco RubioSo, who do we have a speaking at the RNC next week, huh? Hmmmm… John Boehner, Rick Santorum, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio.

    Hmmmmm… This line up is looking… well, maybe a little exotic for an event like this. I mean, do we really need Marco Rubio if we've already got a Latin like Santorum and dark-skinned guy like Boehner?

    Couldn't he be replaced with someone who could maybe tone down all this spiciness?

    The Mitt Romney campaign is considering a dramatic scheduling change for the GOP convention to guarantee his wife, Ann, a much larger national audience – but the shift could also cause tensions with a rising GOP star and Latinos, CNN has learned.

    If Ann Romney is moved to Thursday night, she would introduce her husband and bump Sen. Marco Rubio from that role. GOP sources confirm such a move is under consideration but stress, like many other convention scheduling questions, no final decision has been made.

    Okay, that works. Mostly. But make sure she's wearing a muted color palette. Those people down in Florida don't respond well to bright colors. Makes them all Salsa-dancing-ish.

    Photo by Win McNamee-Staff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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