• Mitt Romney Fracks Out an Energy Plan

    Mitt Romney tax returnsThe Romney campaign has been criticized for not providing voters with specific policy plans, but now that he has Paul Ryan, Romney seems to have found a new voice with which to express his also new opinions.

    And now this week, with Hurricane Isaac looming over the Republican National Convention, there couldn't be a better time for Romney to unveil a fossil-fuel heavy policy that says nothing whatsoever about climate change

    "If I’m the president of the United States in a few months here, I will set a national goal of America and North America, North American energy independence by 2020," Romney said. "That means we produce all the energy we use in North America. And there are a number of things I’m going to do to make that happen. It is achievable. This is not some pie-in-the-sky kind of thing."

    You know what is some pie-in-the-sky kind of thing? The hole in the ozone layer. Like a pie, the noticeable lack of protective atmosphere above the U.S. will make you feel warm and turn your cheeks pink. Though, instead of delicious oven-baked cinnamon apple chunks, it'll be due to rising temperatures and instances of skin cancer.

    The Romney plan calls for an increase in offshore oil drilling (in places where it's been banned for over 20 years), deregulating the emission standards for coal mining (because mercury poisoning is delicious) and maintaining ethanol quotas (what drought?).

    The biggest key to the plan's success lies in giving the power to exploit federally protected lands to cash-strapped states and then taking away a lot of the "red tape" that allows local citizens to air their concerns about the environmental impacts. In other words, it's like legalizing prostitution and putting the pimps in charge.

    Romney says drilling protected lands would yield tens of hundreds of thousands of billion trillion dollars that could then be pumped back into the economy and not at all into the pockets of oil executives. Or, just $7 billion, which is what the Congressional Budget Office estimated.

    All this from the man who worked to reduce carbon emissions and create a cap-and-trade system for the entire Northeastern United States. You're probably wondering what changed, aside from the irresistible apple pie smell of Koch money wafting out from the Republican's windowsill. No, it's pretty much just the money

    Romney has deep ties to the oil industry and raised $7 million from industry executives during a fundraiser in Texas earlier this week. Romney opposes renewal of the tax credit for wind energy and backs keeping tax incentives for the oil industry.

    Shill, Baby. Shill…

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