• Obama's State Department Fact Sheets Feature One Fact

    And that "fact," according to these fact sheets: Barack Obama is awesome.

    For years the State Department has drafted a series of "Background Notes" on foreign countries, before the Obama administration realized that if we wanted to know more about a country, we'd invade  it.

    In the meantime, it was best to bow to reality and acknowledge that the only thing Americans like less than geography is reading

    [I]n recent months, the Obama administration has taken to transforming these [Background Notes] from straightforward reference items into PR puff sheets for the president.

    About a third of the old notes have been converted into new "Fact Sheets" since the switchover began in May. How do they stack up? They're Fact Sheets short on facts and long on the visits, programs and pronouncements of a certain president. Call them brag sheets…

    On Pakistan, a country into which vast amounts of American treasure have been poured for decades, the 8,100-word Bush-era Background Note has been reduced to a 740-word Fact Sheet disproportionately focused on U.S. actions since 2009.

    It's a PR tactic reminiscent of the administration's editing of presidential biographies to reflect the world-historical contributions of Barack Obama, but the dumbing down of previously rigorous State Department reports is a new step. I can't wait for the next administration, when the fact sheet for Switzerland will just be a picture of Mitt Romney swimming in a pool of his money.

    Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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