• Chris Christie Was Not Willing to Gamble N.J. on Romney

    A lot of people would give the whole wide world to be the vice presidential nominee for Republican Party. Chris Christie, however, wasn't even willing to give up that small weird-smelling area under New York

    Romney's top aides had demanded Christie step down as the state's chief executive because if he didn't, strict pay-to-play laws would have restricted the nation's largest banks from donating to the campaign — since those banks do business with New Jersey.

    But Christie adamantly refused to sacrifice his post, believing that being Romney's running mate wasn't worth the gamble.

    "[Christie] felt, at one point, that [President] Obama could lose this. And, look, there still is that chance. But he knows, right now, you have to say it's unlikely," one source said.

    Hey, maybe I'm partial because I'm from New Jersey, but I totally get where Christie is coming from here. Hear me out.

    For all the flak it gets from late night talk show hosts and most people from New Jersey, New Jersey is a pretty decent state. Don't get me wrong, it's no California. But it has really good tomatoes and Bruce Springsteen and I think the Miss America pageant is still held there maybe. I can see why Christie would not want to give all that up to be the second-in-command for a guy who's only trading for $4.43 on Intrade.

    Now, if he were the governor of a state like Wyoming, I think it would be a different matter. What do you do as executive there? You arrange photo op with a cowboy hat and ride a horse around a parking lot and you're pretty much done. Then, if you don't get the VP, meh. There's always North Dakota or Montana or some such place. You'll find another governing gig somewhere or other.

    Failing that, you just form a militia and declare yourself president of your own sovereign state.

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