• Democrat Claire McCaskill Is Todd Akin's Last Defender


    Prior to his depiction of the female reproductive system as a legitimate rape detector, Todd Akin had been leading incumbent Missouri senator Claire McCaskill in the polls for months.

    Not anymore. A Mason-Dixon poll shows half of Akin's supporters want him to withdraw and stop assaulting the Republicans' chances of gaining control of the Senate. His favorability rating is 17 percent positive versus 56 percent negative, and he trails McCaskill by nine points.

    A chorus of Republican officials have called on Akin to step aside. Turns out, he is not a miraculous snow-flake who deserves the chance to live out his Senate candidacy to the fullest, but a burden that must be discarded.

    On Meet the Press, geezer John McCain took a break from talking about the weather — Isaac appears to be a legitimate storm, and the Republicans can't shut it down — to announce that Akin would not be welcome among Senate Republicans. This morning, Karl Rove proclaimed that Akin said  "a really stupid, indefensible thing, for which there is no recovery." A group Renegade Raging Grannies sang him a song (warning for language).

    As of now, Akin's last supporter will be his opponent, McCaskill….

    Not long after Mr. Akin made the comments on rape, Ms. McCaskill denounced them. Since then, though, she has also defended Mr. Akin's place on the ballot. “Our Constitution provides for elections, not selections by bigwig bosses, and the people of this state selected him,” she said on Saturday as reporters quizzed her about whether her opponent should step aside.

    When Rasmussen showed Akin down by 10, her campaign rejected the poll, because it is not legitimate.

    At this point, the only thing that's missing from Akin's pronouncements about staying in the race is voice-over saying, "I'm Claire McCaskill and I approve this crazy message."

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