• 4 Things You Won't Hear in Tonight's Reince Priebus Speech

    Reince PriebusThis is actually kind of heartening to report. In RNC Chairman Priebus' speech tonight, you won't hear:

    * Anything about limiting access to birth control.

    * Why same-sex marriage is bad.

    * Barack Obama's birth certificate called into question.

    * Jokes.

    Okay, so those first two are pretty much built into the current Republican platform. And their nominee recently made a funny about the third one. But still, they're not in the speech!

    What is in his speech is a lot of stuff about the economy

    President Obama's never run a company. He hasn't even run a garage sale or seen the inside of a lemonade stand. So it's time for a President with real experience in the real economy.

    Hey, I was wrong — that lemonade stand thing was a decent joke. And so is this…

    We will fight for a future where government spends tax dollars wisely. Where every American has the education needed to succeed.

    Wait, is a working knowledge of biology necessary for success? No? Phew.

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