• RNC Security Measures Not at All Ironic

    Big government. They're the two most hated words in the GOP, followed closely by "not wealthy" and "Ron Paul." So how do they explain this?

    [The RNC] is considered a "National Special Security Event." The federal government gave the City of Tampa a grant of $50 million for security measures.

    $50 million!? Do you have any idea how many NPR segments about the plight of gay, disabled Native Americans that could be wasted on? Well, I'm sure the money was spent wisely…

    The striking result of the big spending is the sight of thousands of officers. Many ride new Safariland patrol bikes. They bristle with gear that appears to be right out of the box.

    Fine, so the security guys get a little luxury on the taxpayers' dime. But those protesters must be seriously close to disrupting the convention if so much personnel is needed…

    But there weren't many of them [anarchist protesters], maybe a dozen at most. These would be the ones the cops would watch closely.

    I need to be alone for a while.

    Photo by Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg – Contributor/Getty Images

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