• Sheldon Adelson's Daughter Goes on Camera-Detroying Rampage

    It's almost too traumatizing to go into

    The daughter of casino owner and conservative mega-donor Sheldon Adelson grabbed the camera of a Democracy Now! producer outside a sky box at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night.

    Mike Burke, senior producer of Democracy Now!, was shouting questions at Adelson as the billionaire made his way to his suite in Tampa, when Adelson's daughter intervened…

    This is pretty understandable, actually. If someone's acting aggressively toward your parent, it's not unnatural to step in — even if your parent is one of the handful of guys who will probably decide a presidential election.

    Anything else happen?

    "And then, from there, [Adelson's daughter] went over to Hany Massoud, our cameraperson, and actually grabbed the camera… And then, at that point, she drops the camera on the ground, and you heard that sound," Burke said.

    Well, that's also understandable — how could she see the value in a piece of equipment that isn't even expensive enough to buy an election with?

    Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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