• Wild Speculations Regarding Mitt Romney's RNC Speech

    Mitt Romney

    It's just a few hours away, and Indecision has an exclusive* look at what to expect from the GOP's Mr. Inevitable tonight

    The speech is divided into four parts: Romney's philosophical and world view; his biography; his disappointment with the Obama years; and his vision for the country.

    All right, let's see if I can't make some sense out of that forecast.

    1. His philosophical and world view. I seem to remember him giving this a shot some months back and it not going so well. Maybe this time he'll make his pitch more dessert food-oriented?

    2. His biography. He's given us peeks into this before — mainly regarding the state of restrooms in France — so he should have something to build on. (Tax records don't count as biographical information, right?)

    3. His disappointment with Obama. I was unaware this was part of his platform.

    4. His vision for the country. See #3.

    These conclude my wild speculations. Tune in to see how it goes, and don't forget to get our free app and join our liveblog of the event tonight, with Indecision Delegates Jared Logan and Jordan Carlos. It'll be like hearing Mitt Romney talk, but funnier.

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    * Not really.

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