• Barack Obama Trusting Bill Clinton Not to Ruin Everything

    Anyone familiar with his vice president knows that President Obama has a high tolerance for gaffes. (Before they were even running mates, Biden called the guy "articulate" and "clean" — compliments usually reserved for non-native speakers and gas station bathrooms, respectively.)

    Maybe that explains this

    [Bill Clinton] will formally place Obama's name into nomination with a speech aimed at reminding the American electorate that the policies Obama is pursuing are the ones that led to the nation's longest period of economic expansion, during the 1990s.

    Admittedly Clinton isn't in Biden's gaffe league — that would take years of training. But still, put Clinton in front of a microphone for too long and he's liable to do something foolish, like say something about Mitt Romney that isn't horrible.

    But that probably won't happen. In fact, Clinton will likely give an informed, energizing address that reminds American voters of his unprecedentedly prosperous decade as commander-in-chief…

    20 years after his election to the presidency, Clinton remains the Democratic Party's most effective economic messenger.

    How could that possibly be a bad sign for Obama?

    Photo by Rob Kim – Stringer/Getty Image Entertainment/Getty Images

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