• Bedbug Threat Looms Over DNC

    Tampa may have been hit by Isaac last week, but everyone knows hurricanes only symbolize God's wrath if they happen at non-Republican venues.

    But bedbugs? Those things are like a modern eleventh plague, and having done no research on the topic, I'm prepared to say they're probably kind of like locusts.

    They're also poised to descend on the Democrats

    A search of BedBugRegistry.com brings up more than 30 Charlotte-area hotels where visitors have reported bedbugs, including nine hotels that will host at least 10 of the state delegations attending this week's convention.

    A swarm of bloodsucking parasites is overrunning Charlotte. If only there were a humorous way to compare that with the fact that a large group of professional politicians are going to Charlotte at the same time.

    Oh well.

    Photo by Douglas Graham – Contributor/CQ-Roll Call Group/Getty Images

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