• DNC Day 1: What Delegates Really Think About Mitt Romney

    Live from the streets of Charlotte: We asked delegates from across the country to describe Mitt Romney in three words.

    Three words, as they say, is worth a thousand pictures. Or something…

    "Unreliable. Fake. Stiff." – Vincent Williams, Georgia

    "Lost in space." – Paul Whalen, Kentucky

    "Closed-minded. Self-centered. Untruthful." – Mary Stanton, Minnesota

    "He's not Obama." – Matthew R. Silverstein, New York

    "Just not ready." Cindy Bass, Pennsylvania

    "Unfit for office." – Gil Carbajal, Delegates Abroad (Spain)

    "Greedy Eddie Munster." – Uduak Ntuk, California

    "Bleeping fascist pig." – James Casey, West Virginia

    "Ironic. Self-important. Stiff." – Christine Trujillo, New Mexico

    "Rich. Out-of-touch. Liar." – Jana Hoffa, Minnesota

    "Racist. Classist. Sexist." – Kaying Thao, Minnesota

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