• Latest Obama Email Very Excited About Something

    Maybe you should take a look for yourself…


    Two exclamation points? Something big must be going on — trouble at the old mill, maybe. Let's see what he has to say…

    River — [ed: Rufus Gifford knows my name!]

    I've been at the convention arena since Monday. My suit is wrinkled, my feet are killing me, and I think I've nearly killed my phone battery from overuse.

    Stop bragging about how you own a suit, Rufus, and get to the part when you ask me for money.

    Spoiler: that's what he does in the next sentence or two. Honestly, I'm starting to worry about these fundraising emails. Sure, they've always been way too dramatic, but at least they used to have actual words in the subject line. This one's just a couple punctuation marks followed by a description of Rufus' physical fatigue. Can a retelling of the dream he had last night be far off?

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