• Barack Obama Gets No Convention Bounce

    It's been a week full of countless parties, untold schmoozing, endless praise and ungodly-amounts of sign waving for the Democratic Party, all in the service of one simple goal: Sell America on Barack Obama all over again.

    Now that all the confetti has settled and the video fireworks have been extinguished, let's see how much more America loves the president

    So far, U.S. President Barack Obama has not received much of a bounce yet in popular support from the Democratic National Convention, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found on Thursday.

    The latest daily tracking poll found Republican Mitt Romney still clinging to a narrow lead of 45 percent to Obama's 44 percent among likely voters. Romney had led by 46 percent to 44 percent in Wednesday's poll.

    "We're not seeing a sort of glimmer, at this point, of a bump," said Ipsos pollster Julia Clark.

    Hmmmmm… It's still a little early, I guess. Maybe we should all just have a little patience.

    How about now? Any bounce yet?


    How about now?


    How about now?

    Yes?! Oh, wait. That was just the air conditioner turning itself on.

    How about now?

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