• One of a Kind Candidate: Keith Goodenough, Natrona County Commissioner, Casper, WY

    Here at Comedy Central's Indecision we loooove those definitive Best-Of lists: the top 10 burger joints, the best places to Groupon your massage latte. Maybe we think we deserve the best eyebrow threading in the tri-state area. But maybe we should be satisfied with a pretty decent eyebrow threading, no? Keith Goodenough is our man.

    Casper, Wyoming's Goodenough is running as an independent for commissioner of Natrona County. He's fed up with the animosity of the two-party system that says if your party is the best, the other party has to be the worst. If Bronzed Beauties has the finest tanning beds around, then there's no room for Solar Dreamz at the table. We take these choices so seriously, when the truth is, either party will let you tan your downstairs parts as long as you shower first. Are these metaphors pretty much spot-on, or what?

    Goodenough has created a "party of one" – awww – to combine the bits he likes from Democratic, Republican and Libertarian ideas. It's an Island of Dr. Moreau for city governance: the body of gun rights with the head of a social safety net. What ghastly beasts do ye create in Wyoming? It should be noted that Goodenough is running against Republicans and a Democrat but also candidates from the Constitution Party, yet there is no mention of his political human centipede wearing a tricorne.

    But perhaps his greatest selling point is that by being on the ballot, when voters look at the Republican and Democratic candidates, they won't have to choose the lesser of two evils. Instead they can shrug their shoulders and say, "Eh, good enough. Let’s get tacos."

    Photo via www.casperwyoming.info

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