• Barack Obama's Key Demographic Remains "Unlikely Voters"

    According to a new poll, despite all of Bill Clinton's efforts and all of Elizabeth Warren's scowling and all of Jennifer Granholm's dancing during last week's Democratic Convention, American voters remain pretty evenly split between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

    But maybe that's because we're making our parameters too narrow. I mean, is it really fair to look exclusively at voters? What happens if we open it up a little? Then, I think we might be seeing a slightly different story

    The survey shows that the race remains close among likely voters, with Obama at 49 percent and Romney at 48 percent, virtually unchanged from a poll taken just before the conventions.

    But among a wider sample of all registered voters, Obama holds an apparent edge, topping Romney at 50 percent to 44 percent, and has clear advantages on important issues in the campaign when compared with his rival.

    You see? The race is only close among likely voters. But among registered voters, whom are apparently not likely to vote, Obama is the clear favorite.

    I think we can extrapolate from this somewhat. What if we opened the polling up to people who can't vote? Like pre-teens, undocumented workers and European citizens? just think how much he'd be winning by then! It wouldn't even be close!

    And then, if you wanted to include all of the straw men that pundits have used to fill up their arguments, we're talking a landslide.


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