• Democrats Trying to Turn Mitt Romney into John Kerry

    In 2004, Democrats learned a valuable lesson: No matter how bad of a job the incumbent is doing, no matter how global catastrophes he's steered our nation into, no matter how bad the economy is doing or how high he's raised the national debt above his predecessor, he's still better than John Kerry!

    Eight years ago, that was a hard lesson to learn. But they did learn it, and now — to quote the great philosopher Tracy Jordan — it would appear the master has become the manatee

    Mitt Romney is getting the full John Kerry treatment on national security — and some top Republicans are alarmed by what they see as his ham-handed response to it.

    Romney — whose convention speech didn’t include a salute to the troops or a reference to Afghanistan, where about 75,000 Americans are still at war — is getting hit almost daily now by Democratic attacks that he is wobbly and therefore untrustworthy on national security…

    Retired Army Gen. Wesley Clark, an Obama surrogate, said Monday that the GOP nominee's approach has been "unbecoming of someone who wants to become commander in chief." Clark was building on a very personal critique of Romney that started with Kerry himself at last week's Democratic convention and was quickly followed by Vice President Joe Biden and then President Barack Obama.

    What? Even John Kerry is getting in on the "Mitt Romney is John Kerry" thing? Does he even know what the plan is? Somehow, I think probably not.

    I'm guessing he's walking around saying stuff like, "Haha! We're going to turn him into a big ineffectual-looking buffoon! A big gangly buffoon, with a ridiculous chin and absolutely no charisma! Hey, how'd you guys ever come up with this idea anyway?"

    (Mitt Romney image via shortformblog)

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