• Judging Obama's America with Fox News Logic

    Aired on Fox & Friends, the above graphic claimed that the "real unemployment rate" had increased from 7.8% in 2009 to 14.7% today. Unfortunately, they used two different statistical measures to arrive at the conclusion that President Obama's Sharia Socialism is destroying America. The 7.8% figure is the official unemployment rate, while the 14.7% figure is an alternate measure of labor utilization that includes workers employed part-time who want full-time work and "discouraged workers." It's like comparing apples and oranges, or a news organization to Fox News.

    But mostly, I'm outraged Fox hasn't carried this logic to its natural conclusion in order to show the full extent of the Obama disaster…

     Before Barack Obama  Under Barack Obama
    Median Household Income  $50,740 $38,606 (a)
    Average (Erect) Penis Size  13.5 (b)  5.5"
    Average Height (Female)  5' 4"  1.63 (c)
    Unemployment Rate  7.8%  100% (d)

    a) In Cayman Island Dollars
    b) Centimeters
    c) Meters
    d) Alternative measure of labor underutilization that includes only the maker of the Fox News graphic, in a just world

    (via Kevin Drum)

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