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    Joe Biden

    According to some recent polling, Rep. Paul Ryan is currently a bit more popular that V.P. Joe Biden. Or as The Hill puts it, "Paul Ryan has had a higher favorability rating than Vice President Biden in every major nonpartisan national poll since the Wisconsin lawmaker was picked for the GOP vice presidential slot." In the newest, Ryan has a 49 favorable/38 unfavorable to Biden's 47/46, putting him 12 points higher.

    Impressive. Though, not quite as impressive as it sounds. Because the fact of the matter is, there are plenty of things that are much more popular than Joe Biden. Here's just a small list…

    Things That Are More Popular Than Joe Biden

    * Most kinds of jellybeans

    * The other song from that guy who sings "Somebody That I Used to Know"

    * About half of the complete Star Wars saga (including most of Return of the Jedi and about twenty minutes of Revenge of the Sith)

    * 79% of the Lord of the Rings trilogy

    * 167% of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trilogy

    * Pictures of adorable animals being adorable

    * The Onion's version of Joe Biden

    * Barack Obama


    And, for the sake of balance…

    Things That Are Less Popular Than Joe Biden

    * Black and green flavored jellybeans

    * Congress

    * Overhauling Medicare

    * Fruit cake


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