• The Very Rich Get Super Rich (and Other Census Highlights)

    The Census Bureau! It's not just for creating a list of Americans set to be confined in FEMA concentration camps after Barack Obama's reelection. It's also for the compilation of data about income, poverty and health insurance coverage.

    Here are the highlights from the new report

    * U.S. manufacturing is so bad, we can't even make poor people anymore. After three consecutive years of increases, the poverty rate remained stable at 15.0%, with 46.2 million people in poverty.

    * The number of people without health insurance coverage declined from 50 million in 2010 to 48.6 million in 2011, thanks largely to Obamacare. No worries though, at last check Romney still plans to repeal it, since nothing in the ACA covers pre-existing positions on healthcare reform.

    * The average real income of the richest fifth of all households grew by $3,200 in 2011, with most of the gains accruing to the top 5%. Average income for the bottom four-fifths fell. Since money is speech, this explains why Rush Limbaugh has been so fucking loud lately.

    * If the official measures counted them as income, food stamps would have pulled 3.9 million people out of poverty and the Earned Income Tax Credit another 5.7 million. The only joke here is on people who think government can't a difference in peoples' lives.

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