• 16 Things Not Found in Ron Paul's Response to the Fed

    Ron Paul

    The Federal Reserve has announced that it will increase efforts to (in technical terms) make America's money stuff good. In typically spry fashion, Texas congressman and grizzled person Ron Paul is seizing the opportunity to clarify what he thinks of that organization.

    His language, though, is surprisingly restrained (for him). Here's a list of 16 words/phrases/treatises not found in his response…

    1. "End the Fed."

    2. "Audit the Fed."

    3. "Hey everybody, let's go burn down the Fed."

    4. "Gold standard."

    5. "America needs to be on the gold standard."

    6. "Maybe this is my fault for not being clear before. America should base the value of its currency, or standardize it, on gold."

    7. "I've got an idea! Let's print a bunch of money and see if that helps!" (Dramatic eye roll)

    8. [Same as above, but with a loud sigh instead of the eye roll.]

    9. "Constitution."

    10. "Amendments."

    11. "Articles."

    12. "Sections."

    13. "Clauses."

    14. "The Federal Reserve must be written somewhere in there…" (Dramatic eye roll, long sigh)

    15. "This is kind of tangential, but my supporters are awesome."

    16. "The doctor is out!"

    Hey, you need a snappy sign-off. Then again, maybe he thought he didn't need one, what with his frighteningly enduring legacy and all.

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