• Barack Obama Could Beat Up Mitt Romney

    Barack ObamaAs a rebuke to our attempt to compile a comprehensive ranking of the strangest questions asked by pollsters, Esquire and Yahoo! teamed up to ask whether Barack Obama can beat Mitt Romney — literally, not Joe Biden literally.

    When asked, "Just for fun, who do you think would win if it came to a fistfight, (Obama) or (Romney)," 58% of respondents said Obama, 22% said Romney, and 20% expressed no opinion.

    Bravo, Yahoo! We need more questions like this…

    * Who would win a duel, Obama or Romney? (Romney, but only with Clint Eastwood's help)

    * Who would win a game of Monopoly? (Romney, who will never land on income tax)

    * Who would be more likely to Win America's Got Talent? (The Obama in Clint Eastwood's chair; invisibility is a rare skill)

    Also, Obama is leading Romney among likely voters nationwide, 50% to 46%.

    Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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