• The Best and Worst "Gangnam Style" Political Parodies

    By now, you've probably seen "Gangnam Style." It's so popular, your grandma is probably dancing to it right now even though her doctors told her she needs to give up dancing.

    How do I know it's reached maximum overexposure? Because people from both sides of the YouTube aisle have made Gangnam parodies attacking and supporting Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Wherever you lie on the political spectrum, you have to admit that this next video doesn't become truly amazing until Joe Biden shows up…

    That video forgot to mention the one thing Obama and Psy actually have in common: They both weren't born in America.

    This next one features Bill Clinton strutting with the Gangnam ladies. If you don't love it, you should leave America…

    This next guy wrote new lyrics to "Gangnam Style," but the music, he didn't build that. He also has a YouTube annotation that asks, "Please TWEET to @TheEllenShow."  We live in a society where the number one dream of musical artists is getting briefly mentioned on The Ellen Show

    Want a headache? You should click play on the next video!

    Never one to let a fad go to waste, Jay Leno followed up his "Call Me Maybe" political parody with this video of Mitt Romney dancing Gangnam style…

    Must be nice writing for The Tonight Show. "Hey, you know this song that people are listening to? What if someone dances to it?"

    This isn't the worst "Gangnam Style" parody I found, but it's the worst one that didn't make me go into an epileptic seizure…

    Ha ha! We've had a lot of fun with "Gangnam Style," but clearly now that's it's been turned into several political parody videos, it is officially over and we can move on to the next thing and we won't needlessly drag this out to the point where when I inevitably see someone this Halloween dressed like Psy, I have to restrain myself from using my replica of Longclaw (I am going as Jon Snow for Halloween) to maim and/or murder them. Ha ha! [Crying]

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