• From the Pork Barrel: Romney Landslide "Possible"

    * Examiner.com's Dean Chambers lays out a pretty convincing argument that a Mitt Romney landslide victory is "possible." Assuming Romney wins every state in which Obama is currently polling under 50.1, he'd clean up with 353 electoral votes to Obama's 185. Not even close!  However, I personally discovered that if every voter in every state that has an "e" in its name casts a write-in vote for former Hollywood Squares center square Paul Lynde, we might just be seeing out first dead gay president in November.

    * Kansas' birther Secretary of State Kris Kobach seems to be signaling that Barack Obama may be getting pulled off his state's ballot due to an insufficient number of birth certificates. Losing the 6 electoral votes provided by Kansas — where the President is only trailing Romney by 15% — could prove to be a devastating blow to his re-election math (which incidentally is, I think, illegal in Kansas).

    * Obama tried to sneak some pretty unsavory racial junk into a new Spanish language ad. I think maybe he forgot that some people do genuinely speak Spanish.

    * It may seem odd that, until today, nobody realized that former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm was a "cute and curvaceous" guest on The Dating Game back in 1978. But you've got to take into account that almost nobody realized she was governor of Michigan from 2003 to 2011. She kinda just flies under the radar.

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